7 Chakras "Crystal Healing Balance" Bracelet

Our beautiful 7 Chakras Crystal Healing Balance Bracelet will align your chakras to help you restore your mental, physical and spiritual well being. 

If you feel like you never have enough energy, balancing your chakras is an excellent way to find balance within your body and mind.

Natural stones are used to represent each of the 7 chakras: Carnelian, Citrine, Blue Jade, Aventurine, Ametrine, Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst. 

Black Agate, like all black stones, is a grounding and protective crystal. It gives a calming peace that helps those during a period of bereavement. Black Agate gives inner strength to move on and is also very helpful in keeping the peace in stressful households.


  • 7 chakras Natural stones ( 3mm Boho style )
  • Silver Plated 24k Gold
  • Unisex
  • Size Adjustable