Hindu God Ganesha Canvas


This painting Hindu God Ganesha Canvas will inspire a soothing and spiritual energy in your home.

It will undoubtedly remind you some travel souvenirs and increase your connection with the divine world.


  • Small- 2 Pieces 4x6in (10x15cm), 2 Pieces 4x8in (10x20cm), 1 Piece 4x10in (10x25cm)
  • Medium - 2 Pieces 8x14in (20x35cm), 2 Pieces 8x18in (20x45cm), 1 Piece 8x22in (20x55cm)
  • Large - 2 Pieces 12x16in (30x40cm), 2 Pieces 12x24in (30x60cm), 1 Piece 12x32in (30x80cm)
  • Extra Large - 2 Pieces 16x24in (40x60cm), 2 Pieces 16x32in (40x80cm), 1 Piece 16x40in (40x100cm)


  • No Frame - Canvas print only
  • Framed -Ready to hang print stretched on a wooden frame