Natural Cinnabar Bracelet with Garnet Charm (Mala)

Natural Cinnabar Bracelet with Garnet Charm

Cinnabar is a stone of prosperity, and it teaches us how to manifest energy into physical form.

Often used in alchemy and magic to affect the transformation of energy. It increases the kundalini energy and encourages the flow of Chi throughout the body.

Cinnabar is stimulating to the emotional body, assisting to release buried resentment, anger and fear. It is believed to aid with issues of infertility, sexual dysfunction and the causes of weight issues.

This bracelet is also composed of a pretty Garnet pearl as a charm. One of the most notable characteristics of this stone is its ability to heal and purify. It has the power to purify the energies in your body by getting rid of the toxins and restoring your body to its revitalized and re-energized state.

It strengthens the vital system and is a real stone of physical protection.



  • Materials: Cinnabar, Garnet, Zinc Alloy
  • Length: about 53 cm
  • Elastic
  • Natural Cinnabar Bracelet with Garnet Charm