Tibetan Handmade Vajra Charm Bracelet

Tibetan Handmade Vajra Charm Bracelet

This naturally beautiful Bracelet is the perfect combination of Vajra Charm with Coconut shell. It invokes universal mindfulness, peace, humility, universal acceptance, and universal love.

The term "Vajra" has a spiritual meaning that represents the strength of a diamond and the irresistible force that a thunderbolt exudes. 

The six True Words: Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum is the most common mantra in Tibet, recited by Buddhists, painted or carved on rocks, prayer wheels, or yak skulls and seen around Tibet very commonly. This chant brings you joy and peaceful vibrations and supposedly, contained in this verse is the truth of the nature of suffering and how to remove its causes.



  • Coconut Sell beads Handcrefted (9X4mm)
  • Handmade Buddhist Mantra sign ( The six true words )
  • Adjustable Size
  • Unisex
  • Tibetan Handmade Vajra Charm Bracelet